Pies and layered cakes

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Pies and layered cakes

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Pistachio cream cake 1600g (12 pcs)


Red velvet cake 1800g (12 pcs)


Truffle torte cake 2100g (12 pcs)


Carrot cake 1650g (12 pcs)

Apple pie 1500g (12 pcs)

Tiramisu cake 1320g (12 pcs)

Pistachio dream cake 1620g (12 pcs)

Day and Night banana cake 1680g (12 pcs)

Schwarzwalder cake 1680g (12 pcs)

Pistachio croquant cake 1680g (12 pcs)

Chocolate fudge cake 2040g (12 pcs)

Latte cake 1620g (12 pcs)

White profiteroles cake 2160g (12 pcs)

Dark profiteroles cake 2160g (12 pcs)

Classic honey layered cake

Honey layered cake with lemon flavour

Celebration honey cake

Honey layered cake with cocoa

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